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We are enthusiastic about cancer research. Our goal is to contribute to better outcomes for cancer patients by focussing our research efforts in two main areas. We develop novel immunotherapeutic approaches in hematological cancers and solid tumors and we use liquid biopsies to understand the cancer genome and  measure treatment response in cancer patients at high resolution.


Outcome Prediction in Patients With Large B-cell Lymphoma Undergoing Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell Therapy

Conrad-Amadeus Voltin, Philipp Gödel, Laura Beckmann, Jan-Michel Heger, Carsten Kobe, Nadine Kutsch, Peter Borchmann, Markus Dietlein, Ken Herrmann, Matthias Stelljes, Kambiz Rahbar, Georg Lenz, H Christian Reinhardt, Marcel Teichert, Richard Noppeney, Jörn C Albring, Robert Seifert, Bastian von Tresckow, Sarah Flossdorf, Christine Hanoun

Hemasphere, 2023

Entirely noninvasive outcome prediction in central nervous system lymphomas using circulating tumor DNA

Jan-Michel Heger, Julia Mattlener, Jessica Schneider, Philipp Gödel, Noëlle Sieg, Fabian Ullrich, Richard Ian Lewis, Teodora Bucaciuc-Mracica, Roland F. Schwarz, Daniel Rueß, Maximilian I Ruge, Manuel Montesinos-Rongen, Martina Deckert, Tobias Blau, Nadine Kutsch, Hyatt Balke-Want, Jonathan Weiss, Kerstin Becker, H. Christian Reinhardt, Michael Hallek, Peter Borchmann, Bastian von Tresckow, Sven Borchmann

Blood, 2023

Clinical applications of circulating tumor DNA in Hodgkin lymphoma

Jan-Michel Heger, Justin Ferdinandus, Julia Mattlener, Sven Borchmann

Semin Hematol , 2023

Potential synergy between radiotherapy and CAR T-cells - a multicentric analysis of the role of radiotherapy in the combination of CAR T cell therapy

Jiaqi Fan, Anne Adams, Noëlle Sieg, Jan-Michel Heger, Philipp Gödel, Nadine Kutsch, David Kaul, Marcel Teichert, Bastian von Tresckow, Veit Bücklein, Gretha Goesmann, Minglun Li, Nathalie Struve, Maike Trommer, Philipp Linde, Johannes Rosenbrock, Eren Celik, Olaf Penack, Martin Stuschke, Marion Subklewe, Claus Belka, Michael von Bergwelt-Baildon, Peter Borchmann, Simone Marnitz, Christian Baues

Radiother Oncol ., 2023

Blood-based Monitoring of Relapsed/Refractory Hodgkin Lymphoma Patients Predict Responses to Anti-PD-1 Treatment

Esther E E Drees, Yvonne W S Jauw, Erik van Dijk, Sven Borchmann, Sandra A W M Verkuijlen, Phylicia Stathi, Nils J Groenewegen, Nathalie J Hijmering, Daniella R A I Berry, Eric J Meershoek, Danielle Hoogmoed, Anne Kwakman, Tessa J Molenaar, Dirk M Pegtel, Bauke Ylstra, Daphne de Jong, Josée M Zijlstra, Margaretha G M Roemer

Hemasphere, 2022

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Ongoing projects

Liquid Biopsies

 Liquid biopsies allow for easy sampling of a cancer’s genome by a simple blood draw. This not only enables access to crucial molecular information in patients that have difficult-to-biopsy lesions, but it also provides an opportunity to gain insight i...

Translational Research in Hodgkin Lymphoma

 In close ties with the German Hodgkin Study Group (GHSG) we archive biomaterials form Hodgkin lymphoma patients within GHSG clinical trials. Building on this large collection of materials we are conducting translational studies to deepen our understan...

Cancer Microbiome

 A further axis of our research is the response of the human host to acute and chronic infection and how this response can shape cancer development secondary to infection. We have comprehensively characterized bacterial and viral genomes in over 3000 w...

Bispecific Antibody Development

Transfer or induction of neo- or tumour-associated antigen specific T-cells can be a core element of successful immunotherapy. However, clinical translation of adoptive cell therapy is technically difficult, expensive, and associated with high regulato...

Drug Repurposing for Immunotherapy

 Another focus of our research is drug repurposing for cancer immunotherapy. While drug repurposing (the use of already approved drugs in novel indications) has a long history in oncology, it has so far not been studied sufficiently in cancer immunothe...


AG Borchmann

[email protected]

Department I for Internal Medicine

University Hospital of Cologne

Mailing address:

AG Borchmann
Verfügungsgebäude Forschung (Gebäude 74)
Weyertal 115C
50931 Cologne


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